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  • How high should blood sugar be after eating candy? - Quora

    So for a healthy individual eating a standard portion of candy, their blood sugar should not go over 130-140. It can however be higher if more extreme circumstances are in play. If blood sugar rises over 200 and does not decline within the hour, said individual would most likely benefit from a doctor's professional diagnosis.

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  • blood glucose after eating candy - Diabetes - Type 1 - MedHelp

    I am a type two diabetic. I check the blood glucose levels of my four year old son with my meter often. The levels have always been good. The other night however he ate a lot of his Halloween candy and I check his sugar a couple of hours after he had eaten it and his BG level was 159.

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  • blood sugar levels after eating candy - MedHelp

    Normal blood sugar targets are 70 to 150mg/dl. Fasting blood sugars should be nearer to 70mg/dL. Blood sugar after meals and before bedtime should be near 150mg/dL. Age 12 and older A healthy glucose level of age 12 and elder should be near 70mg/dl when fasting and 150mg/dl after meals.

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  • A High Sugar Level After a Meal | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

    It's normal for your blood sugar level to rise after you eat, especially if you eat a meal high in refined carbohydrates. But if your blood sugar rises more than most people's, you might have diabetes or pre-diabetes, a condition that indicates a strong risk for developing diabetes in the future.

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  • What Should My Blood Sugar Level Be? | Manna Health

    Normal postprandial, which means “after eating,” glucose levels are 6.67 mmol/L and below for non-diabetics, 8.83 mmol/L. and below for those with pre-diabetes and 10 mmol/L for diabetics.

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  • Diabetes-Why does my blood sugar go down after eating candy?

    I was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. I follow a strict diet. I have slipped with eating candy about 4 times and I notice my blood sugar actually goes down after this. I'm usually steady with levels around 105, but after the candy I go down to 80's! Why?

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  • Normal Blood Sugar Range After Meals |

    After fasting, a person without diabetes or prediabetes will have a blood sugar between 70 to 99 mg/dL, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). If a person has a diagnosis of diabetes, ADA's target range for home checks of fasting, or premeal blood sugars is between 80 to 130 mg/dL.

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  • 6 Things That Can Cause Your Blood Sugar Levels to Spike ...

    If you don’t have diabetes, your body will generally do a pretty good job of fixing this on its own, Dr. Wallia says, although eating a well-balanced meal can help get your blood sugar levels ...

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  • Reactive hypoglycemia: What causes it? - Mayo Clinic

    Reactive hypoglycemia (postprandial hypoglycemia) refers to low blood sugar that occurs after a meal — usually within four hours after eating. This is different from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) that occurs while fasting. Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia may include: Hunger.

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  • 20 Reasons for Blood Sugar Swings (No. 11 Might Surprise You!)

    High-fat foods can make your blood sugar stay up for longer. The same is true for pizza, french fries, and other goodies that have a lot of carbs and fat. Check your blood sugar about 2 hours after you eat to know how a food affects you.

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